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Keep Passers by Safe and Yourself out of Prison

So your workers are safe.  Great.  But is everyone else too?

As a bit of an extreme example, an Essex developer was just sent to prison for 30 months after repeatedly putting the public, and his workers, at risk.

Local residents started calli…

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Risk Assessment?

The Big Bad Risk Assessment in your Workplace
To many people the words ‘risk assessment’ are likely to elicit a groan. It’s a task which many people see as either merely one of box-ticking for the powers-that-be, or one which is theoretically almo…

How did those HSE spot checks pan out?

Back in February we told you about HSE plans to carry out a series of unannounced health and safety spot checks. During a month long campaign, HSE inspectors were to visit construction sites across the Midlands, to assess workers conditions and safet…

Health and Safety breaches: Where do employers stand legally?

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, or to give it its (ever so slightly) more catchy name, ‘The Enterprise Act’, has recently been introduced.  This Act has significantly changed employers’ liability for Health and Safety breaches (…

Mind Your Back! Your Quick & Easy Guide to Manual Handling

Manual Handling and Lifting explained
It’s not always the big dramatic injury risks, like plummeting through a roof, that need to be watched out for – though they get the most attention.

More everyday pain, discomfort, and inability to work i…

17 Potential Hazards Designers Should Avoid if Possible

Hazards Building Designers Should Avoid
You’ve seen the HSE red list in our popular post: 12 Hazards to Avoid in Your Building Design and Project

Those were the 100% definite no-no’s for any building Designer to avoid – the RED on the HSE…

The Health and Safety at Work Act Turns 40

The Health and Safety at Work Act
40 years ago, a landmark piece of legislation was passed onto the statute books, changing the workplace forever. The Health and Safety at Work Act finally became law in 1974, immediately clarifying the employer’s …


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