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The 9 Most Dangerous Common Building Materials (Part 2)

The 9 Most Dangerous Common Building Materials (Part 2)
Here’s the second part of our guide to the 9 most common dangerous materials you’ll find on building sites around the UK.

For part one of the guide, detailing the first 4 – asbestos, s…

Builders Beware – The 7 Places You Find Asbestos

Builders Beware – The 7 Places You Find Asbestos
You don’t want to be one of the 86 tradesmen and workers who die every single week from asbestos in the UK.  That’s not 86 per year, it’s 86 every week.

The reason this figure is so high i…

The 9 Most Dangerous Common Building Materials (Part 1)

Avoid these Dangerous Building Materials
Like it or not, in construction we’ve got to deal with hazardous materials daily.

Every building in the world has them buried somewhere within!

A bunch of these materials are natural, and some aren’…

Health and Safety Outrage Strikes Again

Health and Safety media driven news
Two ‘Elf n Safety’ issues have hit the headlines again this week, sparking public outrage. Both stories have implications and lessons for other businesses however.
West Midlands Policing Woes
Despite being r…

Quick Guide to Carbon Monoxide – Keep Your Workers Breathing Easy

Carbon Monoxide Safety guidelinesA few weeks ago a gas engineer in Suffolk was sentenced to 18 months behind bars because he didn’t service a gas-fired heater correctly.

The next day, when the tenant turned on the heater, he immediately fell ill…

The Perfect Construction Site – Your 12 Must-Have Products, Processes & Construction Procedures

Construction Procedures and Processes
Here’s a checklist for you.  The HSE’s 12 products, processes and procedures any super-safe site should have.

In previous posts we looked at the HSE’s ‘Red List’ – 12 absolute No No hazards on …

Time To Think Health not Just Safety – For the Construction Sector

Construction Sector – Think Health as much as Safety
As we talked about last month, the HSE found one in six UK construction sites unsafe in their surprise spot checks a few weeks ago.  Let’s take a look at the main health problems sites still h…


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