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Is the Employer always at fault in the event of an Accident?

Accidents in the Workplace
Media coverage of health and safety accidents in the Workplace would have you believe two untruths:

There is no such thing as a genuine, unpreventable accident, and
Employers are at fault for all workplace-related in…

6 Simple Steps to Fortify Fragile Roofs

Health and Safety in Roof Work
They look so solid, they seem so safe. But a little too much pressure in the wrong place and it’s a sudden drop back to ground with a thump.

When your worker falls, the company who sent them up falls with them. L…

An often ignored Risk that costs £250 Million a Year

I’d like to start today’s post with a short quiz. See if you can answer this one-question quiz.

What health and safety factor do you think it is that costs the UK almost £250 million pounds every year, that is responsible for 20% of all accidents…

5 Top Blogs Breathing Life & Clarity into Health & Safety

Health and Safety is all about protecting people; that’s why we’re so passionate about it.

You do it well, you improve lives – and sometimes save them – and when people out there see it that way they often feel a burst of enthusiasm too. …

Electricity on Your Work Site – Avoid a Shocking Fine with These 7 Steps!

Electrical Safety at work
When something’s falling or a vehicle’s backing up, you see it coming and have a chance to get out of the way.  But not with electricity – the hidden danger of all work sites.

Any contact with a voltage of over 50…

Personal Protective Equipment 101 – Your 8 Most Common Questions

We get asked a whole heap of questions about personal protective equipment (PPE).

And it’s good to see the concern!  Looking after your head, hands, feet and body is the bottom line of staying safe, healthy and happy on any work site.


HSE consults on further relaxation of health and safety red tape

Hot on the tail of the recent consultation regarding the future of HSE department provisions and oversight, the executive has announced another. This time the HSE is asking for feedback from interested parties about the potential for reducing health …


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